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Top Solar Powered Products

Top Solar Powered Products
As the days begin to get longer and we emerge from winter, what better time to rejuvenate your day-to-day power routine and look at options that have you fueling up with nature's finest? While not all of us are in a position to cover our roofs with solar panels, there are a surprising amount of ways we can utilize the sun's natural energy in our everyday life. Here are a few of the products that currently have us "all lit up."

Eton Portable Soulra iPod Sound System: Perfect for a picnic or beach party, this sound system packs a powerful punch. A 72 square inch solar panel means it only takes 5 hours to fully charge, but you get 8 full hours of play time. A built-in handle makes transporting a cinch, and the accompanying remote control means you can play DJ even from the dance floor.

Samsonite Solar Business Laptop Backpack or Messenger Bag: Some of the classiest looking styles we've seen, this Samsonite business collection keeps you solar powered while still looking professional. As an added bonus, you can double your eco cred since these bags feature solar panels and recycled PET fabric. 

Voltaic System Spark Solar iPad Case: Tablet gadget enthusiasts rejoice! Now you're on-the-go habits need not be hindered, even if you can't find a nearby outlet. The Spark Solar Tablet Case boasts four two-watt solar panels, and like the Samsonite pieces above, gets bonus green points for being made from recycled PET fabric. 

Powerfilm USB+AA Foldable Solar Charger: A perfect companion for travelers, this set of solar panels folds or rolls up for easy packing. The panels can easily charge a set of AA batteries after only four hours of direct sunlight. For the rest of your gadgets, there's a USB connector. 

Smartphone Solar Battery Case: For most of us, the gadget that consumes our daily lives is a smartphone. While there are a few styles that are utilizing a built-in solar charging design, it's far from standard practice. Until your next upgrade, there are plenty of options for solar charging battery packs or hand-held solar chargers that are manufacturer and make agnostic. My personal choice for the iPhone is the Mi Suny style.