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Green Team Talks

10 Easy Ways to Conserve Water

Conserving water in your home can save money in both your utility and energy bills. The less water you use, the less water you need to heat which can bring down your energy use. One easy way to start conserving water is to take stock of how much water you need vs. how much you use every day. Now we’re not proposing that you must stop showering o...     Read More.

Ecofabulous DIY: Upcycled Chandelier

On the heels of our recent upcycled succulent project from ecofabulous contributor Kim Foren comes another gorgeous DIY display. In her new 5,000 sq. ft. space in Portland (literally a flower heaven!), Kim installed a series of stunning chandeliers made from old bottles. Using a simple hanging bulb light fixture and a handful of used glass bottl...     Read More.

Eco Health & Beauty: What to Keep, Recycle, and Add to Your Routine

Whenever the seasons change and we notice our skin reacting to the warmer, colder, drier, or more humid weather, it’s time to evaluate our beauty routine and give it a refresh. We’re with you – we ladies on the eBay Green team are tempted to push those half-used products to the stash under the sink or just toss altogether in an effort to make sp...     Read More.