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Green Team Talks

The Fabrics Behind Sustainable Fashion

Sustainable fashion is both environmentally and socially responsible throughout its entire lifecycle – from the cultivation of raw materials, through manufacturing, to you as the consumer, to its disposal. The sustainable fashion movement has been growing rapidly, and is particularly in the spotlight this month, appearing on runways around the w...     Read More.

Myths and Realities about Electric Car Driving Range

Imagine never going to the gas station again.  Owners of electric cars refuel their car by plugging them into the grid—a process that can take up to 8 hours with a 220-volt home charging unit, or a full day with standard 110-volt electricity.  For the vast majority of drivers, plugging in with 220v is a piece of cake, and feels ...     Read More.

Ecofabulous DIY: Upcycled Chandelier

On the heels of our recent upcycled succulent project from ecofabulous contributor Kim Foren comes another gorgeous DIY display. In her new 5,000 sq. ft. space in Portland (literally a flower heaven!), Kim installed a series of stunning chandeliers made from old bottles. Using a simple hanging bulb light fixture and a handful of used glass bottl...     Read More.